Dr. Judith Y. Ko

Dr. Judith Y. Ko
Hemet Valley Dental Care

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where Does Dental Bacteria Come From?

In a normal healthy mouth there are still thousands of bacteria living on each tooth surface, and each day that number may grow.

“Most of the time we are more concerned with the mouth where regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist are not occurring,” says Dr. Judith Ko, voted Best Dentist by Inland Empire Magazine by her patients. “In those mouths the number of bacteria can number more than 100 million.”

Saliva and bacteria are a normal part of the oral environment and when they are both in balance a healthy condition is maintained, but too often things may go wrong.

“In a person who is taking medication with a side effect of dry mouth, they may find that saliva is difficult to maintain. This means that more bacteria can colonize,” adds Dr. Ko from her Hemet Valley Dental Practice. “Which is why we see more than 80% of the adult population has periodontal disease.”

Periodontal disease develops when the bacteria begins to create pockets around the teeth. These pockets are generally too deep for normal brushing and flossing to disturb the bacteria in them. This means that once bacteria gets embedded below the gum line only your dental professional can disperse them. “Which is why it is so critical to see your dentist at the frequency they have determined is best for you. Most patients who have periodontal disease will benefit from a schedule of being seen every three months as that is the amount of time it takes for the bacteria to regrow.”

Call today and schedule your appointment. Don’t let periodontal disease destroy your smile.

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