Dr. Judith Y. Ko

Dr. Judith Y. Ko
Hemet Valley Dental Care

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tooth Sensitivity

"It is not okay when your teeth are sensitive," says Dr. Judith Ko from her Hemet Valley Cosmetic Dental Practice. 

In fact, when you notice any of the following it means a trip to your dentist is in order:

1. Cold sensitivity
     "When your teeth are sensitive to cold drinks and foods, it could mean decay or disease is the culprit," says Dr. Ko. "When teeth are brushed aggressively or with a hard toothbrush root surfaces can be exposed that will create general sensitivity. If the occurrence is only one area of the mouth it might be more likely decay. Either way, a visit to your dentist can take care of the problem promptly."

2. Hot sensitivity
     "Teeth that are sensitive to hot foods and drinks are many times in significant trouble, as most times it means that the nerve of the tooth is being challenged in some way," adds Dr. Ko. "Getting in to see your dentist quickly might mean the difference between taking time off of work and the pain and swelling that will come from an infected tooth."

3. Sweet sensitivity
     "If you have a sweet tooth and discover that your favorite items are giving you discomfort, you might want to schedule an appointment to see your dentist. it might be an indicator of active decay," explains Dr. Ko. "Decaying teeth do not get better, they get worse and when they do, it means additional treatment and expense. So seeing your dentist quickly is best."

4. Discomfort when you bite down
     "Pain that comes from biting into hard or crunchy foods generally means a cracking or fracturing tooth," says Dr. Ko. "Getting that treated early means that the nerve might not need to be removed and more tooth structure can be saved."

"Tooth sensitivity is a reason to act," adds Dr. Ko, your Hemet Valley Top Dentist according to the Inland Empire Magazine. "Don't let tooth pain stop you from enjoying your life."

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