Dr. Judith Y. Ko

Dr. Judith Y. Ko
Hemet Valley Dental Care

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good Bone. Why is it so Important to My Mouth?

You have a lovely smile, your teeth are straight and perfectly shaped. You are good – right? “Maybe,” says Dr. Judith Ko from her Hemet Valley Cosmetic Dental Practice, “but straight and nicely shaped teeth are only part of the picture.”

Your teeth are supported by gum tissue and bone, and it’s those two things that will determine whether you will keep your smile long-term.

Periodontal disease affects somewhere between 80-90% of the adult population. The disease is caused by bacteria that settles in the pockets surrounding the teeth. The bacteria damages the bone if it is left too long undisturbed. “That is why we work to make sure you are seen on a regular basis by your dentist,” adds Dr. Ko.  “Once the disease process has begun, only a visit to your hygienist can maintain your health.”

The bacteria that enters the pockets also eats away at the bone that supports your teeth. This bone will eventually erode and the teeth will become unstable, loose and eventually fall out.

“Keeping a healthy bone level for life is important, that’s why when an extraction of a tooth is done, it’s best for bone to be placed in the socket site,” says Dr. Ko, voted one of Hemet’s Best Dentists by the Inland Empire Magazine and her patients. “Whether you decide to replace the tooth with an implant or not, keeping bone levels high will help you maintain a healthier smile longer.”

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