Dr. Judith Y. Ko

Dr. Judith Y. Ko
Hemet Valley Dental Care

Friday, September 19, 2014

This year is coming to an end!

Is your Dental Insurance going to keep your Money this year?

As health care professionals and your dental team, Hemet Valley Dental Care would like to remind you how important it is to see your dentist!

Of course we know the days are packed solid with work, school, errands, other appointments, homework, cooking.... and the list goes on and on....

What happens when you have all of those tasks to complete and you wake up with a toothache?
Some people would say nothing would get done, or the day will be miserable, or if you choose to call the dentist and you fortunately get seen, you spend the day in the dental office....

Dr. Ko is a firm believer in preventative dentistry!  If you are a current patient of Dr. Ko, then you know her first goal is educating her patients on how to prevent emergency visits and toothaches.  Her second goal is providing comfort to those who are in pain, and in need of dental treatment.

Lets keep those smiles healthy and your earnings in your pocket!!! If you have not been seen this year do your Smile a favor and make the call today.

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