Dr. Judith Y. Ko

Dr. Judith Y. Ko
Hemet Valley Dental Care

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

When is a Crown Necessary?

Dental crowns are generally placed on teeth that have had severe wear and tear. “It is many times considered the best restoration in that it completely covers the entire top of the tooth,” says Dr. Judith Ko of HemetValley Dental Care in California.

But how do you know if a crown is the right restoration for you? Here are a few things to ask and consider when discussing your treatment with your dentist.

     1.    What percentage of the tooth has been impacted? Most of the time a crown is recommended when a substantial part of the tooth structure is decaying or fracturing. “A fracturing tooth can many times impact the nerve, resulting in endodontic or root canal treatment,” adds Dr. Ko.

     2.    What other options exist? Generally your dentist will thoroughly discuss all options for treatment with you prior to beginning your crown. They may discuss the option of a filling, inlay or onlay and should explain why they do not believe they are the best options for you.

     3.    If the tooth is so damaged, will the tooth need a root canal? As mentioned above, teeth where crowns are recommended are generally in trouble. This could mean that your dentist will advise you to have endodontic treatment immediately, or they may wish to wait and see how extensive the damage is before taking any further action.

     4.    How soon should the crown be done? Almost always the answer to this question is now. Teeth requiring crowns for treatment are in serious trouble – how serious may be unknown, but they will never get better by waiting.

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